Echo Guided Life Support

Drs. JF. Lanctot, M. Valois, M. Loranger, and S. Rhein

Online Access For Supplemental Videos



This is the online companion to the softcover textbook, the iBook, and the Kindle eBook versions of
Echo Guided Life Support” by Drs. J.-F. Lanctôt, M. Valois, M. Loranger, and S. Rhein.

The textbook can be purchased by contacting A-line Press.

The iBook is available at iTunes and the videos are embedded within the iBook.

The Kindle eBook is available at or

Please access the supplemental videos by selecting a chapter heading and then choosing the video number and title that corresponds to the textbook video caption.

The videos play on the following operating systems and web browsers:

Operating systems: OSX, iOS, Windows, Android

Web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Please note, QuickTime Player may be needed to play the videos with Windows. The installer is available from Apple support. For OSX, QuickTime Player is pre-installed on Mac computers, but it's possible that an out of date Safari plug-in could interfere with video playback. If you experience a problem, try updating your Safari extensions for video playback. For example, DivX Web Player

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